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Elevating Results with User Research - with Ruben de Boer

Ruben de Boer is a lead CRO Manager and consultant with over 14 years of experience in data and optimization. At Online Dialogue, Ruben leads the Conversion Managers team, developing team skills and quality as well as setting the team strategy and goals. He spreads his knowledge far both as a teacher with Udemy with over 12,000 students and as a public speaker on topics such as experimentation, change management, CRO and personal growth.

In 2019, Ruben founded his company, Conversion Ideas, where he helps people kick start their career in Conversion Rate Optimization and Experimentation by providing affordable, high-quality online courses and a number of resources.

[Interpreting Your Data Story Series] Performance Snapshot Part 2

In the second episode of “Interpreting Your Data Story,” Scott Reid concludes by reviewing The HUB’s Performance Snapshot. The focus is on analyzing traffic via UTM parameters to track revenue impact, particularly noting Google paid traffic’s limited effect. The episode also explores product performance, identifying top and bottom performers through the product snapshot table. Additionally, it touches on session and revenue analysis by device and the importance of marketing strategies tailored to the primary purchasing gender. Engagement and the role of new users in business growth are highlighted, emphasizing data-driven optimization. This episode offers a succinct overview of key data insights for enhancing business strategies.

[10 Minute Tune-Up] The POWER of Product Images

In this episode, host Scott Reid discusses the crucial role of product images in enhancing the online customer journey.

Product images promote engagement, and the more engaged your visitors are, the more they buy…

During this concise, 10-minute episode, Scott reviews:

  1. The brick-and-mortar/online parallel
  2. The minimum number of images you should be using per product
  3. The three types of images you should be using
  4. Specific needs for certain product types
  5. What to do when you have limited resources or a large selection of products. 

[Interpreting Your Data Story Series] Performance Snapshot Part 1

In this first episode of the “Interpreting Your Data Story” series, host Scott Reid discusses an exciting topic: YOUR MARKETING DATA!!

He reviews Six Key Metrics and talks in-depth about the interrelationship of each metric and how you can use these metrics to optimize your traffic and website. 

If you’ve ever wondered about how to get started interpreting your data so that you can make better business decisions (and a LOT more), this is a great episode to listen to!

[Reducing Traffic Costs Series] Introduction & Step 1

In the “Reducing Traffic Costs” series opener, Scott Reid tackles cutting traffic costs while maintaining quality. He addresses Ecommerce traffic pitfalls, including unavoidable waste from testing promotions. The episode segments traffic into Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion—each vital to the customer journey. Scott presents optimization tactics for scrutinizing and refining traffic approaches to balance cost-efficiency with quality. He concludes with a hands-on task, urging listeners to evaluate their traffic strategies by cataloging sources, objectives, and costs for a thorough assessment. This episode provides a foundational guide for efficient and effective traffic management.

Traffic Tunnel Vision - The Hidden Threat to Your Ecommerce Business

In this episode, Scott Reid explores Traffic Tunnel Vision (TTV), a common cognitive bias in D2C Ecommerce, highlighting the pitfalls of depending solely on traffic for revenue enhancement. Unpacking the TTV concept, Scott emphasizes the flawed belief that increased traffic automatically leads to revenue growth. Instead, he advocates for optimizing user experience through conversion optimization, leveraging customer research, web analytics, and A/B testing over mere traffic boosts. This approach promises more sustainable revenue growth by improving site experience. Scott delves into the real-world effects of TTV in the D2C sector, including potential financial wastes, and suggests overcoming TTV with a focused strategy on conversion optimization. 

[10 Minute Tune-Up] The Value Proposition and its Role in Converting More Visitors to Customers

In this episode host Scott Reid dives into crafting a compelling homepage value proposition, essential for converting visitors into customers. This episode emphasizes the importance of a value proposition in making a strong first impression, engaging your audience, and standing out from competitors. We discuss how to articulate a clear, compelling value proposition that resonates with your brand’s unique offerings and meets your target audience’s needs, ensuring it differentiates your brand in the marketplace. Through analyzing examples like Chico Bag and Maine Crisp, we highlight effective positioning, especially above the fold, and the significance of visuals that appeal to your audience. 

Answering the Question: What is Ecommerce Optimization?

In this episode, host Scott Reid explores the definition of the word “optimization” as it relates to Ecommerce marketing. 

He focuses on three main goals: 1. Enhancing traffic quality 2. Reducing traffic costs 3.Refining the online customer journey.

He also discusses the complexities of Ecommerce data analysis, highlighting the challenges with various reporting platforms and the new GA4 interface. He introduces the Ecommerce Optimization HUB, a tool to simplify data analysis and help marketers focus on impactful optimization areas – saving a great deal of time, energy, and money in the process.

[10 Minute Tune-Up] Optimizing Site Search Functionality for Easier Product Discovery

In the inaugural “10 Minute Tune-Up” episode, host Scott Reid tackles a key Ecommerce topic: boosting product discovery with optimized site search. This series aims to arm Ecommerce professionals with actionable insights in just 10 minutes, focusing on traffic or site optimization.  Drawing on examples from various Ecommerce platforms, he identifies typical issues like hidden search icons and mobile usability, alongside effective search bar implementations. Scott highlights the link between the breadth of product offerings and the need for efficient search capabilities, advocating for user research to address discovery challenges.

Maximizing Ecommerce Success: Traffic & Website Synergy

In the debut episode of the Ecommerce Optimizers Show, host Scott Reid delves into the dynamic world of Ecommerce marketing. Focusing on the critical integration of traffic and website optimization, Scott uncovers how to maximize revenue and profit through an optimized “Ecommerce Conversion System.”

He explores common challenges, including the pitfalls of optimizing in silos and the complexity of clearly understanding “what’s working and what’s not” when it comes to executing your overall marketing strategy. Through real-world examples,  Scott illustrates how a cohesive approach to traffic and website optimization can quickly transform your business results.