How To Avoid Scaling Nightmares!

Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson is the CEO and Co-Founder of BGBO Co., an operations and growth strategy agency. In 2021, his company launched Arvo training software to create Standard Operating Procedures, training documents, and company knowledge. Micah helps companies skyrocket their business by solving growth problems, helping them become better organized, and proactively addressing roadblocks. He has founded, merged, scaled, and sold multiple companies as a serial entrepreneur. In his 18 years of experience, he has been a CEO, COO, and CTO, and he truly understands what it takes to make a company (and its culture) thrive.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Micah Johnson discusses creating a platform to document processes and procedures
  • How a playbook of training operations can enhance employee learning in a hybrid environment
  • Ways to create a shorter and more effective orientation period for new hires
  • Micah details how the mind views documentation and ways to maximize efficiency
  • The difference a playbook can make when creating a company culture based on employee empowerment
  • Micah shares how offering a platform with a living playbook can help brands scale
  • How Arvo can be a constructive toolkit to cultivate a company culture based on personality
  • Why centralized documentation reduces administrative burdens
  • Micah explains how culture-centric hiring, instead of skill-based hiring, enhances company inclusion

In this episode…

Onboarding new employees comes with its fair share of changes, mistakes, and successes. Is it possible to shorten the onboarding process while still producing effective team members? What if there was a way to create usable processing procedures that are engaging and accessible anywhere?

Micah Johnson is a pioneer in creating processes that do not rely on the traditional documentation style of SOPs (standard operating procedures). His unique approach of building a playbook of procedures ensures employee engagement, accessible resources, creates efficiency, and provides consistency — which is the recipe for scaling Ecommerce brands. His playbook platform has helped many brands expand talent pools and decrease training times.

In this episode of Ecommerce Success Strategies, Scott Reid sits down with Micah Johnson, Founder of Arvo, to discuss reinventing the documentation wheel for greater brand scalability. Micah talks about the components of building a processes and procedures platform, how his playbook enhances employee learning, and creating a culture of empowerment.

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