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Transitioning to GA4 (Google Analytics 4) and feeling lost in a sea of new metrics & reports? Many have said that learning to interpret GA4 feels like learning a new language. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a D2C Ecommerce brand owner, marketer, traffic vendor, or conversion optimization professional, our FREE Looker Studio report transforms GA4’s complex data into digestible insights, allowing for more intuitive and efficient decision-making. Because in the world of Ecommerce, insight identification is the key to optimization. 

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As an added BONUS, you’ll get instant access to our instructional videos once you register. These videos will teach you how to use the report to your advantage and kick-start your optimization process so you can start optimizing your D2C Ecommerce brand immediately. 


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“Scott has the unique ability to blend data visualization with Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s not a common combination, but it’s one that makes a tangible difference when it comes to growing D2C Ecommerce brands. 

If you’re a D2C Ecommerce brand owner looking to grow, I can recommend Scott without hesitation. His skills and qualities make him a great addition to any team.”

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“With this GA4 Ecommerce Optimization report, I am able to look at each marketing channel and ascertain the value – or not. I can make strategic decisions based on short and long-term data. And I can invest our small business’s limited resources (time & money) into the channels that actually drive results.”