Transforming Dropshipping with Automation and Innovation
- with Lior Pozin of AutoDS

Lior Pozin, the CEO & Co-Founder of AutoDS, ignited his entrepreneurial journey at 13, establishing his first eCommerce venture. With a visionary drive, he spearheads AutoDS, the premier all-in-one dropshipping solution empowering eCommerce sellers worldwide.

Leading a team of 100+ professionals, Pozin champions automation and expert guidance at AutoDS, catering to a diverse clientele exceeding 1 million. His innovative approach has revolutionized dropshipping, providing invaluable time-saving tools and expertise. Pozin’s relentless dedication to empowering sellers of all levels resonates through AutoDS, reshaping the eCommerce landscape and ensuring seamless, efficient operations for businesses globally.


[1:35] – Early Dropshipping Beginnings: Lior Pozin recounts how he discovered dropshipping by purchasing a cell phone online and then selling it for a higher price, marking the start of his e-commerce career.

[4:57] – Growth of AutoDS: Pozin discusses AutoDS’s progression from a personal automation tool to a platform supporting 150+ employees and serving tens of thousands of dropshippers globally.

[8:20] – AI’s Role in E-Commerce: Pozin explains how AutoDS leverages AI to automate store setup, product finding, and order fulfillment while highlighting the need for quality support and streamlined customer communication.

[12:24] – Managing Remote Teams: Pozin describes the challenges and strategies of hiring and managing a global team spanning 28 countries, including maintaining retention through quarterly feedback calls.

[16:03] – The Power of Customer Feedback: Pozin outlines how customer surveys and reviews directly influence platform development and feature prioritization, helping AutoDS improve retention and satisfaction.

[28:29] – Key E-Commerce Trends: Pozin identifies key e-commerce trends influencing dropshipping, such as branding, faster shipping speeds, and multi-channel selling across platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify.

[34:32] – Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Pozin advises beginners to maintain consistency and persistence in their e-commerce journey, emphasizing that while dropshipping has a low barrier to entry, success requires dedication and patience.


In this episode of the Ecommerce Optimizers Show, Scott Reid welcomes Lior Pozin, co-founder of AutoDS, an all-in-one Ecommerce dropshipping platform. Pozin recounts his entrepreneurial journey, beginning as a 14-year-old buying cell phones online, eventually leading him to discover the dropshipping model. He describes how his desire to automate his own business sparked the creation of AutoDS, which has grown into a comprehensive solution catering to tens of thousands of e-commerce sellers. Pozin shares insights on building a seamless platform that assists drop shippers through automated store creation, product finding, and streamlined order fulfillment while maintaining quality control and customer support.

Pozin also discusses the transformative role of AI in scaling support and enhancing user experience within AutoDS. He emphasizes the importance of continuous personal development and coaching to guide his growth as a leader and the company’s trajectory. Pozin’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs highlights the value of consistency, leveraging customer feedback, and nurturing personal development to create a thriving dropshipping business that adds significant value to the global economy.



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Scott Reid 0:00
Welcome to the Ecommerce Optimizers Show. I’m your host, Scott Reid. This episode is brought to you by Ecommerce Optimizers. We specialize in helping Ecommerce brands in one focused area. And that’s making your website easier to use so that more of your visitors buy from you. And when easy to use website delivers a highly intuitive, straightforward and smooth experience throughout the customer journey, making it much easier and more enjoyable to do business with you. This translates into a wide variety of business building benefits, including increased revenue, higher profits, and happier loyal customers who buy from you time and time again. If you’d like to learn more about how we make Ecommerce sites easier to use, and how our services might benefit your business, head on over to our website at Ecommerce and check out all the details. All right, on today’s episode, we have Lior Pozin, he is the co founder of auto DS. It’s an all in one Ecommerce drop shipping platform we are thanks very much for joining me today.

Lior Pozin 1:11
Thanks for having me, Scott.

Scott Reid 1:13
So why don’t you tell us about yourself? I know and I’ll give you a quick cue here. I know that you started back in your entrepreneurial venture back in when you were 14 years old in E commerce. Could you talk about about how you got started? And what brought you up to the point of starting auto DS? I think our listeners would find that to be quite intriguing. Yeah,

Lior Pozin 1:35
sure. So I started when I was 14 years old, during high school, when I had to make some extra income for myself. And it was actually an accident, I just wanted to buy a cell phone online on Jamie’s website called Time But I couldn’t find the same phone at this website, also on eBay for the same price. So actually, I went to tiny bit to confirm the phone that they wanted sell for that on eBay and found the same product, but with a much higher price. So that’s how I discovered dropshipping. And that’s how I just tried to do the same and to copy from tiny to eBay, the exact same product and I got my first sale within three hours. And this is how my journey started with ecommerce. After work, I had some stocks here in Israel, nicknamed my home country had some stocks here of physical products also kept with dropshipping. And there was also a developer freelancer. And I combined my two skills of E commerce and software development and create a software for myself. And today it’s called OBS.

Scott Reid 3:00
So when was that? When did you when did you start on the on the journey to auto DS, how many years ago was up? With

Lior Pozin 3:07
OBS I started seven years ago as a software just automate my own drop shipping from Amazon play my business.

Scott Reid 3:17
Okay, and if you could, could talk about that, about that progression from an entrepreneurial standpoint, you you created the software for yourself, what was what were those first steps in terms of of shifting that to a paid for solution where you’re actually working with customers.

Lior Pozin 3:42
So bootstrap means we never really, you know, decided, okay, now we go to raise money and recreating the SAS software or something like that. He just went to some conferences, and showed our solution for ourselves to different people. They’re excited about the solution and said, There is no such thing like that for them in the market. And that’s how we got our first manifesto. So we just offer them to use auto DS for they also automation. They are happy with the solution. And slowly we started to charge for that service. After all the metal testers, it was perfect week after around one of the month and still have to use the funds that we got from this customers to scale up with us to hire more developers and to add more features. And that’s how slowly we started to go into more and more markets instead of just black screen with the Amazon eBay dropshipping. And we started to go into Shopify, Etsy, Amazon more features like product finding the order fulfillment. Yeah, that’s how it’s good.

Scott Reid 4:57
And so that was seven years ago, and talk about the talk about the growth progression throughout that was that was a very linear or was it kind of slow? And then it jumped up? How did you? If you were to look at it from that point until today, what was that inflection point, if you if there was a specific inflection point where it really just took off, it

Lior Pozin 5:22
was pretty linear until COVID, then COVID, started to just double every year. And the growth became much faster, doubling each year. Yes, it was more about building the right processes to support all this growth, improving myself as a manager as a intrapreneurial, or as company owner. So I also had some processes there to improve my own scans to the unknown, I need to manage this thing. Currently, there are over 100 cells in place and other BS and over almost 200 in the growth, like with all different businesses that we have. So and I didn’t have an experience before that. So and it has to grow into this position. How many employees now can’t amount more than 150 total in the group.

Scott Reid 6:24
Excellent. And could you describe just go into some detail about what your platform does for your customers.

Lior Pozin 6:33
So we take out customers or people who are even interested about starting selling online, e commerce, we are taking them the whole journey from building the store for them with a click of a button, we can give them a I Gregory store that already coming with design and some top selling products. And then we’ve given them the right education for free inside our platform, then the software helps them to find what to sell, to stay seem to be the suppliers. So we connect them to the right supplier for the product. And then if the price of stock changes, we will also change the price and stock on the merchant side. So in our store, then when an order comes we will fulfill the order automatically send messages to the buyer to the buyer with the status update that I think number update automatically. And for customer support, like CRM system inside our product. So we really do arrows in the dropshippers need from Alfred.

Scott Reid 7:37
So you really It sounds like you really streamline the communication between the supplier, the the your customer, the vendor and the customer. Is that correct? Yes, we

Lior Pozin 7:49
spent on the whole like the three points, the customer drop shippers and suppliers. So the drop shipper can communicate with both them from the system and the platform, make sure that everything is synced between all the three points.

Scott Reid 8:07
So is your is your vision for auto DS? Has it changed over the last seven years? Or has it always remained consistent in terms of that, in terms of that? Communication enablement?

Lior Pozin 8:20
So from there, it’s not about communication is one part of what we’re doing. But it’s more about the all in one communication is part of the all in one the main features are order fulfillment and product finding. And from day one are we mission was to be all in one platform right from day one. It was two things one to save time because I’m a developer and I wanted to save time to paper that was like my mission. And second to be all in one because there were so many tools, one for product finding one folder fulfilling and one for pricing, stop monitoring. And we just took everything combined at one platform. During the years, we also started to do that not also not only for one channel like eBay, but also for more platforms like Shopify and Amazon. So yeah, so that’s how we expanded we always check. Okay, what more dropshippers need and we always added it to the platform. Yeah.

Scott Reid 9:25
Okay, in terms of some of the challenges that you’ve faced with, while developing and scaling out er, DS, can you talk about those challenges and how you how you overcame them.

Lior Pozin 9:39
And yes, so the main one was hiring and growth, how we hire the right people, how we build the right management. We added a lot of processes for all of us, as a company to make sure that everything is going as we planned. So we added a process for OKRs, for example, which is objective key result, where we once a quarter we set the old key objective for each department also for the company river. And then we measure the KPIs and the basically the results of how we progress to this objective with all different departments. So really from scanning, this was one of the biggest pain points for us how we hire the right people. So we added processes there, whether the process where we put the right expectations with the candidate, we added an onboarding, onboarding processes. And also human power, so to improve ourself as managers, personal development, that also one of the challenges for any manager like to me, I had to support our managers, and help them to grow with Autodesk together. All our managers came not from, you know, corporates or something like that we all succeed together and just support each other. So this also was one of the challenges that we just overcame by rating by guiding the processes. The right structure for teams for Yeah.

Scott Reid 11:20
And your is your company, if I understood you correctly, before many of your employees are remote in nature. So you have people throughout across the globe, in terms of your development staff and other members of the company. Yeah,

Lior Pozin 11:35
we’ve had employees from over 28 countries now.

Scott Reid 11:42
Yeah, so different languages, right?

Lior Pozin 11:44
Yeah. Much before COVID like to ask if it was normal, like already, everyone worked remotely? it because it’s part of our DNA, like dropshippers can work from everywhere. And that was also our say, I don’t know that. Yes, it can also work from anywhere. We do have offices in Tel Aviv, but it’s mostly for headquarter have around 20 employees, most of them are managers. But except that the companies are they everyone is full time and most of them are remote. Yep. Have

Scott Reid 12:24
you found it to be a challenge to identify, attract and retain high quality employees? In today’s world?

Lior Pozin 12:35
Yes, it’s always a challenge to high quality paper and employees. It’s, it’s a big asset. And it’s also not easy to, to find it. But we just had to improve our processes. And, you know, to understand how we filter, they’re not relevant, relevant candidates as fast as possible. How we think of someone who already fails, and it was wrong is the wrong choice, and how we can reduce situations. So yes, it’s not easy and high quality employees, it’s an asset. It’s not also prevented, it’s also how we return. So we added a lot of processes to retention calls, once in a quarter of the calls that we do still keep the relationship between managers and employees also, in a high level, to keep the high quality people with us after we found them. And they can say that the retention rate also another, this is super high, like people are almost not live. That’s a big, you know, a big success for us.

Scott Reid 13:48
Yeah, that’s awesome. Because that’s, you know, in your business, the strength of the company, I gotta believe is in large part to find as as most with the, with the quality of their employees, and having that the employees that stay, they come and stay. That’s a great testament to the, to the strength in the overall, I guess satisfaction of your employees. So that’s excellent. How about AI? One of the things that, that in today’s world that’s all we hear about is AI. So how do you see AI and other technologies that are tied to AI continuing to shape the future of E commerce and drop shipping? are you leveraging AI in your in your platform?

Lior Pozin 14:35
Yeah, well about a lot. So those are our users. They can get an AI generated store with one click. So instead of them designing the store and you know, this was one of the pain points for new dropshippers now the pre made store within a few clicks we had I’m looking to find what to sell with AI. Also, depending on trends, for example, we check what’s trending now Tiktok. And then with AI, we’re finding similar products. So this is suggested to our customers. And also on the company level, like from our side, we are utilizing AI for different aspects, for example to now we’re only in the beginning of that, but trying to optimize our customer support with AI, because we have 10s of 1000s of dropshippers for using our platform. Some of them are beginners. So you can imagine how many tickets and chairs it causes. What are the Yes?

Scott Reid 15:43
You need a lot more than 150 employees to handle all that, right? Yes,

Lior Pozin 15:49
exactly. So this way, we plan to see how we can optimize this with AI in our company level. But for dropshippers. It’s the final upsell with AI and together stalls. So did

Scott Reid 16:03
that. Does AI allowed you to provide a higher level of service to more people than because is in terms of in the past, say like five years ago? Am I correct in assuming that you weren’t able to offer the same level of support to your customers as you can now with AI? Is that Is that a correct assumption? And then that allows you to really grow that, that base of customers who are starting out?

Lior Pozin 16:35
Yeah, so now we are still there. We’re still working on getting there. We are only now utilizing it because now we have 70 employees just for support. And like, they can help with other things to help our customers to succeed more, for example. And so very basic question. So we are working on that. But yes, it wouldn’t have a scale and a lot for sure. This is one of our main pain points how to support on this 1000s of miles way, one more thing that we have on the platform. One of our core features is to allow dropshippers to import 10s of 1000s of whatever amount of products with a click of a button. So now, a drop shipper can import 1000 products and optimize the type and description automatically. And he will be different than his competitors. And just because of the AI it’s pretty insane.

Scott Reid 17:35
That’s awesome. So it sounds like you’re really you’ve really leaned into leveraging AI throughout your platform to add value to your customers. How about it? Let’s talk about customer feedback. So how has how have you leveraged and your management team leveraged customer feedback? And how has that influenced the development of your platform over time?

Lior Pozin 18:03
That’s a great question. So we learned a lot from that when someone is leaving also the US would have left survey we are asking them why you are leaving? What did you want to see more like some questions, and we always analyze this survey. And that’s one of our main methods to growth. We learn a lot from the survey. Also, when a user has his aha moment for example, they succeed together for sale or something like that, or in for their cross product we are asking them for feedback there. And also after each support ticket or chat we are saying the sending also use those requests to give us the feedback. So we really like to get feedback we’ll learn a lot from that. Even different channels like Trustpilot for example. Some companies get negative feedback and then they look at that and say hey why like I hate this customer because of the feedback she gave me or something like that. To us we are just trying to talk to this customer and learn more about his experience and then to improve over the years and yeah this way but we also got to four point either which was 7000 reviews on Trustpilot because we’re really trying to listen to audios though.

Scott Reid 19:31
Well I listened to when I was prepping for for to meet with you. I listened to at least one other podcast. I think it was two that you’ve been on recently, maybe over the last six months and one thing that really stuck out stuck out to me was that you are a big fan of coaching to improve and that you have if I’m correct me if I’m wrong, but you have coaches or indoor consultants that that you invest in to help you improve from a management standpoint. That is that is, Am I remembering that correctly? Yeah. And that and that just really, you know, your your comment on listening to the voice of the customer. Really, that’s what made me remember that was that, you know, when you’re have an open mind, and you’re always looking to improve as you are from a, from a professional development standpoint, listening to the customer feedback and taking that to heart, I gotta believe has really helped you to improve having that open mindset is what I’m what I’m trying to get out here. And And can you talk about that, that that attitude of continual improvement and how you’ve embedded that into your management philosophy and the fabric of the company?

Lior Pozin 20:56
Yeah. First time, very competitive. They came for a standard terminal model hmm. And, or something like that my business oriented now intrapreneurs in the feminine. And they think that all these things created this, like, personal thing for me, where I always find to improve. For the company, we encourage our managers and not managers, everyone, to just try. Like, we are trying not to tell someone do this and that in this way, but more to give open questions now to really coach them. And just for them, we have, for example, someone who started without a DSS a customer support agent, moved to basic marketing manager, then partnership manager, and he’s our head of partnership, managing some employees, and also has a big effect on our business. So we are really trying to, you know, give everyone an opportunity to me, and we found that of personal development, I think it’s like, it’s I think it’s I really believe that this is what makes the difference between a successful entrepreneur or not like someone can have a better starting point. If he’s not consistently impro people improving, it will just decline over time, because the world is moving fast. And yeah, so that’s, that’s for me, I really trying to be the best in what they do. If we try to, I don’t know, to provide support, it wouldn’t be always the case, that’s not giving answers within 24 hours. Let’s see how we can give it within up to one hour, for example. So yeah.

Scott Reid 22:59
So that’s, could you talk about what you do for personal development? What types of things do you do you leverage and, and adopt in your life to improve? I’m very curious to hear what you have to say in that in that regard.

Lior Pozin 23:14
Yeah, it’s awesome, to stay connected to the reality about my search. And they, I’m trying always to find my weaknesses, and also meet them and save them when I know them. But culturals is something that they utilized a lot during the journey. Sometimes I have someone sometimes not depends on the situation. And if I find someone who is good for me, for this specific period, because you know, we are growing and the culture, that was my culture, five years ago, now, he will not help me. So I always tried to find the next one and the one that rarely go through this point. But except culturals. I’m reading a lot. This is also not like, it’s by, you know, the times sometimes I read more, sometimes less depends on what what I’m looking for at this time, but always trying to read as much as possible. Sometimes it’s as it’s articles, sometimes it just, you know, videos or something like that. But to educate myself in terms of personal development, that I don’t think it’s only knowledge, but also things like a gym, I go every morning like three four times a week plus one time for yoga. So this is also in our sport. I think it’s something that everyone needs to do. It’s just something that Gordon keeps you out of say that not focused, but again, you just sounds good for the general psychologically. Yes, so just reading, sometimes meditation when I say that they Say goodbye for that or breath work. One of them

Scott Reid 25:05
was one word that comes to mind as as we’ve been talking over on the subject over the last five plus minutes. And that’s humility is it You strike me as somebody that has a high level of humility, which is a kind of a rare quality and incredibly important quality for an entrepreneur to be humble and to, and to really try to be the best they can be and admit, maybe not admit, but acknowledge that, that they don’t know all the answers, and that they’re always looking to improve and that’s that’s something that I gotta believe has led to your success is that is that drive to to succeed and just, you know, listen to listen to outside influences, not always think that you have the that you’re the the be all end all and have the have the ultimate right answer. How about if we’re talking about global e commerce, as it relates to drop shipping, I mean, that has just changed the face of global e commerce? How do you think platforms like auto D? So let’s just talk about auto auto DS itself. I mean, you have clearly a tremendous amount of influence with this massive amount of customers that you have, and you’re helping, and you’re enabling and empowering new entrepreneurs to to improve their life and build a business and provide themselves with financial stability. How do you think auto DS is impacting the global economy, especially if we’re talking about those small to medium sized enterprises.

Lior Pozin 26:38
You can either stay people who are looking for, you know, for extra income to really start this journey as intrapreneurs. That five years ago, it was much more complicated, less free content, less those that actually giving you today, we will give you with a few clicks of the button, the top selling products, the top trends on social media that for that look for advertising of products. It’s maybe the competition is growing, but also the market is the amount of people are buying online. So with these tools, it really helps everyone to be able to do that. You don’t need to be too creative. They’re giving you the creatives, you don’t need to be in our good design or getting your nice basic store that all what you need to do is steal things now having bring down traffic, which is also can be free today tick tock with short form content, publishing free video with some interesting ideas, and they get a lot of sense. So the barrier to become an entrepreneur. And to be able to make some extra income from anywhere in the world just decreased a lot became much much easier today without platform without other platforms. So that’s about how, how our software and seminar so people say they have to be environmental people to start selling online and creating their own businesses. So we basically generate more assemblies for the world. Yeah,

Scott Reid 28:29
absolutely. 110%. Alright, we are so in terms of the E commerce landscape, it’s constantly evolving. And we’ve you’ve said it directly. It’s it’s shifting quickly. I mean, things happen, you know, moment to moment in E commerce and the digital landscape in general. So are there certain trends that you think will dominate or lead the dropship drop shipping industry in the next few years? It might influence the drop shipping industry in the next in the next couple of years?

Lior Pozin 29:01
Yeah, the first one is branding. So some time ago, we put like few years ago, you could just publish a random products from Aliexpress without any quality insurance without any brand name and just, you know, keep running campaigns on Facebook and that’s it. Today, you have to be more respectful for all the customers you need to make sure that you are giving the right user experience. It can be worth insurance, it can be choosing the right suppliers, it can be creating custom branding for your products, or at least for the packages and for the thank you cards. So the cool thing is really the branding and the shipping spin. You put sand saw a few years ago, a product within three weeks now people will not be patient enough to wait three weeks for a shipment. So Right. That’s the thing that changed. And companies like ours helping also to, you know, to adapt to the new trends. The other thing is multi channel. So if sometimes we go we put sell only on eBay, for example and making a profit. Now you can do that. But it’s also recommended to go for multi channel selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, like on all different channels, because you can take they have the tools to do. And this is also at least to me out of the future. And of course, also to utilize all the organic traffic that you can get today from channels like Instagram, Tik Tok influencers. It’s not exactly organic influencers, but you can utilize the power of influencers to advertise your product. So these are the trends that we are seeing today.

Scott Reid 31:01
Are you seeing I don’t know if you could put a number on it. But are you seeing a movement either way, in terms of companies that are selling on Amazon, Etsy, they also have a Shopify presence? I mean, is there a percentage that you might know off the top of your head that, that they have their own standalone store, in addition to selling on these these larger platforms, these larger marketplaces?

Lior Pozin 31:27
Yeah, so it’s, it’s, it’s growing. At last, it’s around 10% sell on multi channel.

Scott Reid 31:35
Right now, it’s about 10%. Yeah. And you see that growing in the future? Yes. Okay. Now, one thing I do want to say is that the training that you have on your site is over the top. It is I mean, it’s really something else, and anybody that’s listening to this, that either whether they’re experienced or they’re just getting started, I was blown away by the resources that you have for free on your site. It’s really something else. And it’s, it’s so professionally delivered. It’s, you’ve clearly invested a lot of time and energy and thought and putting those together. Can you talk about the genesis of of of providing such a comprehensive training offering to anybody? And how that has helped to drive the success of your business?

Lior Pozin 32:31
Yes, so first, most of thank you for the feedback that an investor that invests, we have now over 1000, free also videos on our YouTube channel. It started because we started out of shippers really needed, most of them are coming to us as very beginners, and we have to educate them to improve their attention, also, our platform. This is one thing, how it all started is basically by me wanting to share some content on channel on our YouTube channel. So I committed to our members that we released one YouTube video per day for 100 days. And it just meant all the customers that that’s what I’m going to do it was like five years ago. And there wasn’t a trip in Thailand. So I just started to every few days just take a conference room in WeWork and record in the next few videos. So that’s how all these things started. Today we have our Head of Content, who is actually a drop shipper and one of the source drop shippers on auto DS and then we hired came on so as employee so all their knowledge comes rarely from dropshippers and not just you know, SEO keywords based or something like that. Yeah. I’m gonna see with a two benefits one to drive traffic to auto DS three benefits second is ready to create our brand as a brand that also gives all this content and the third one is to help our customers succeed or decrease our load on the support and add them during the journey not by software but also with the with the content.

Scott Reid 34:32
Yeah, it’s really impressive and and just let’s talk about it too because you have Shopify tick tock, eBay, Etsy, Facebook marketplace, Amazon and there’s there are individual courses for each one of those platforms. And it’s I mean, how many hours in those courses it’s crazy. It’s really and is and is the is the is it Leon? Is he the see the person that that you’re just referencing? Yeah, he’s the

Lior Pozin 34:59
A lot of content, I think on the platform is smaller than 70 hours. But we have more than two, at least two new blog posts every week. And two videos every week. And I think on YouTube, it’s like, hundreds of hours a month matured that never number.

Scott Reid 35:21
Yeah, it’s that it’s really it’s really something else. How about advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? What advice? Would you give somebody who’s saying cheese? You know, I’ve heard about selling online, you know, I’ve got all these these resources here with auto DS looks like a great company, what what’s what’s the advice for somebody that wants to get started? Because he, as you’ve mentioned, there’s a certain percentage of your clients that are just brand new, what is a couple of key points that you might some words of wisdom for from your pose? And what would those be?

Lior Pozin 36:02
So first, it’s not easy money or passive income, or any thing that people sometimes dream about. And which means that you need to stay consistent. Meaning then it’s, it’s a business. And it’s a business with very low barrier, which is right and it helps pick a style. But all what you need to do is to stay consistent, because you don’t need to invest a lot of money here, you don’t need a lot of knowledge here. You don’t need connections here. All what you need is to spend your time and do that over time over a large period of time. I don’t know any 1000. For kept with dropshipping for a year, though, really tried and, and couldn’t succeed with that, for some effects a week for some effects, three months. But when someone is consistent, it works. This will be the main thing for me and basically for any business. And just here, it’s much easier to say that because you don’t have high net high capital amounts to start and that. Excellent.

Scott Reid 37:16
Well, is there anything that I didn’t ask you that I should have Lior?

Lior Pozin 37:24
No, I think we’re going to cover the everything will really again, mentioned that just to stay consistent stay with processes and self and personal development that will live in main key points for for me.

Scott Reid 37:39
Absolutely. Well, thank you very much for taking the time to join me on the show today. I really appreciate it. And I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Lior Pozin 37:49
Thank you so much for joining us and thanks for having shared.

Scott Reid 37:53
Thanks a lot. Lior