We Precision-Engineer
Your Side of the
Purchase Conversation

Reduce Risk, Expand Operating Margins, Streamline Sales

Your success hinges on the
quality of your side of the conversation...

When someone interacts with your business online, they’re having a conversation with your business. 

From initial marketing interaction all the way through to purchase and beyond, each person is asking a wide variety of questions. They’re also evaluating trust, quality and dependability. 

In this digital dialogue, every click, scroll, and hover represents a question or a concern. 

Your response, delivered through your website’s copy, design, content, and functionality, determines how well you build trust and guide them toward a purchase decision.

More than just website optimization, we take a broader approach with our Purchase Optimization System™

When someone interacts with your marketing or website, they're having a conversation with your business. They're asking questions. Through our Purchase Optimization System™, we precision-engineer all the micro points of interaction to improve that conversation, so more people make more purchases."

Our Purchase Optimization System™

Step 1: Behavioral & Usability Assessment

We start by analyzing WHERE your website visitors are coming from, WHAT they are doing on your site, and WHY they are doing it. 

Using our proprietary diagnostic tool, The Ecommerce Optimization HUB, we assess the behaviors and activities on your site derived from your GA4 data. 

Through usability tests and other qualitative optimization techniques with real people, we listen to the conversation behind the clicks that numbers alone can’t explain. 

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Step 2: Purchase Optimization

With blended insights from Step 1, we optimize the conversation your business has with your website visitors so that more people make more purchases

  • Enhance traffic strategy to ensure each visitor interaction begins effectively.
  • Refine functionality by fixing what’s broken or underperforming.
  • Elevate user experience with improved copy, design & structural adjustments.
  • Test and validate improvements selectively with A/B testing.

Step 3: Continuous Improvement

Our final step ensures your business performs at its best by always having the best conversation possible with your website visitors. 

Committed to continuous improvement, we proactively identify and implement improvements, keeping your business streamlined and ahead of the competition.

In essence, we continually revisit and refine Steps 1 & 2…

Recently Featured at MeasureSummit 2023

Scott Reid, Founder & Chief Optimizer of Ecommerce Optimizers, presented The Ecommerce Optimization HUB at MeasureSummit 2023. With over 12,000 attendees, it’s the largest virtual event dedicated to leveraging Measurement, Data, and Analytics for Business Growth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some traits of your ideal client - the people you work best with?

Our ideal clients, those we work best with, are focused on Continuous Improvement (persistent, adaptable, tries new ideas, asks questions).

  • They’re Analytical (use data to make decisions, detail-oriented)
  • They Challenge Themselves (cross-disciplined, diversity of knowledge, not afraid to fail)
  • They are Methodical (process-driven, fine-tuning, deliberate, thoughtful, step-by-step)
  • They are Opportunistic (looking for the competitive edge, striving, gaining a competitive advantage)
What types of companies do you partner with?

We partner with a wide range of companies engaged in Ecommerce, whether they’re direct-to-consumer (D2C) or business-to-business (B2B) models. 

Will I get a massive ROI?

Every business is unique in its optimization potential. Our process focuses on making both major and minor improvements across multiple aspects of your business. We measure success in the stacking up of all the little improvements. 

Please Note: We partner with clients ONLY when we are confident in delivering substantial and measurable outcomes. 

What is the investment for your Purchase Optimization System service?

The investment is tailored to meet the unique goals and requirements of each client, ensuring that our services align with your specific needs. We adopt a common-sense approach to our pricing model, structured to support and foster long-term partnerships.

Can you explain your billing process?

Billing is conducted on a pre-payment basis every 30 days to maintain uninterrupted service. We accept credit card payments for convenience and efficiency.

What should I do if I have a question not covered in this FAQ?

If your question isn’t addressed here, please reach out to us at support@ecommerceoptimizers.com for a prompt response. Additionally, you have the option to schedule an introductory call for a more in-depth discussion, where we can address all your questions directly.

What People Are Saying...

“We’ve sent many of our clients to Scott and the results have been fantastic. He’s measurement oriented, process driven, and has proven over (and over again!) that optimization is a system best run by a specialist. 

From building a measurement plan, to conducting user research, to optimizing UX, and beyond…Scott and his team are truly Ecommerce Optimizers!”

Chris “Mercer” Mercer

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott on multiple occasions and projects over the last several years, and I can confidently say that his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to his clients are second to none. His data-driven and measurement-focused approach sets him apart because his recommendations are rooted in data and tailored to the specific needs of each business. 

I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to optimize their Ecommerce store’s traffic and conversion rates. He’s exceptional to work with.”

Founder & Head of Analytics at Siavak

“Over the last year, we have worked with Scott on Conversion Optimization. During this time, we have made a number of enhancements to the UX of our site, which have led to an indisputable revenue lift. Beyond that, Scott always helps me apply the lessons of each individual test to the wider scope of my work, so the value spreads beyond the site experience, and into email, ads and beyond.

Scott is organized, a clear communicator, and a great listener. He’s a really smart and generous collaborator and I’m lucky to have him on my team.”

Marketing Manager
Nicholas Kusmich
Leading Facebook Advertising Strategist

“As a business owner, I knew my company needed to be more data-driven to reach the next stage of growth. Ecommerce Optimizers was able to take the vast subject of optimization and break it down into manageable tasks. Their methodology quickly delivered actionable insights that surfaced hypotheses we weren’t even thinking about. As a result, we now know which marketing channels perform best and were able to shift our ad budget to bring in higher quality traffic. The yield in new customers has far outpaced our engagement investment!!”

Scott Meadows
Founder & CEO

“Scott has the unique ability to blend data visualization with Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s not a common combination, but it’s one that makes a tangible difference when it comes to growing Ecommerce brands. 

If you’re an Ecommerce brand owner looking to grow, I can recommend Scott without hesitation. His skills and qualities make him a great addition to any team.”

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